Volume 8 Issue 8 (August, 2020)

Case Reports

Interdisciplinary Management of Supra Erupted Maxillary Second Molar- A Novel Case Report
M F Raghavan, Dempsy Chengappa MM, Akshai Kannan

Aim: The aim of this article is to present a case of management of severely supra erupted tooth by replacing the missing tooth in the compromised inter occlusal region by placement of an endosseous implant. Background: Premature loss of a tooth can lead to supra eruption of the opposing tooth into the edentulous space left behind by the missing tooth. The disruption in occlusal plane as a result of supra eruption can lead to improper distribution of occlusal force and cause complications such as trauma from occlusion, food lodgement leading to dental caries, masticatory inefficiency , TMJ disorders , chronic trauma , discomfort and loss of intermaxillary space due to impingement on the opposing arch. The restoration of lost interocclusal space is important to re-establish function in these cases. Case Description: This case report highlights the management of a severely supra erupted 17 impinging on the buccal and mandibular alveolar mucosa. This case was managed with the treatment modality of intentional RCT of 17 followed by crown lengthening procedure and crown placement following odontoplasty and placement of implant in the opposing arch in the 47 region. Clinical Significance: This article aims to highlight this modality of management as an effective management option for severely supra erupted tooth achieved through an interdisciplinary approach. Key words: Supra erupted tooth , Implants , Intentional RCT , Odontoplasty , Crown Lengthening Procedure

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