Volume 8 Issue 7 (July, 2020)

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Assessment of peri implant Condition in periodontally compromised patients
Yogesh Santoba Nagargoje, Sasikanth Challari, Renuka Gupta, Vegunta Bhagyasree, Rahul VC Tiwari, Davis Nadakkavukaran

Background: The process of peri-implantitis consists of peri-implant bone loss after inflammation of the peri-implant tissues, essentially associated with bacterial infection. The present study was conducted to assess peri- implant condition in periodontally compromised patients. Materials & Methods: The present study was conducted in the department of Prosthodontics. It comprised of 84 dental implants inserted in 68 patients of both genders. Patients were assessed for plaque index, musositis, stability, peri- implantitis etc. Results: Out of 84 implants, 42 were healthy, 20 stable, 10 had signs of mucositis and 12 had peri- implantitis. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). The mean PPD in healthy was 4.2 mm, in stable implant patients was 5.5 mm, in mucositis patients was 5.3 mm and in peri- implantitis patients was 5.4 mm. The bone loss > 2 threads was seen in 4 stable, 6 mucositis and 7 peri- implantitis patients. There were 25 bleeding on probing sites in mucositis and 24 in peri- implantitis patients. Conclusion: Authors found implants placed in periodontally compromised patients had high percentage of mucositis and peri- implantitis. Key words: Mucositis, peri- implantitis, Periodontitis.

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