Volume 8 Issue 7 (July, 2020)

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Outlook of Indian Population towards Dental Treatments Post-COVID-19 Pandemic - An online survey
Kavitha Anantula, Bhavana Vankayala, Aliveni Annareddy, Swetha K, Lakshmi Shilpa Devagudi, Purnima Jevaji

Aim: The aim of the study was to evaluate the outlook of general population of India towards dental treatments post-Covid-19 pandemic. Materials and Method: The study sample consisted of 500 participants from various states of India, out of which 480 participants of age ranging from 18 years to above 60 years have taken up the survey. Multiple choice questions were prepared through google forms and circulated via WhatsApp. Results: The majority of the participants preferred to visit a dentist only if required, both before (83.5%) and after (80.5%) the COVID-19 pandemic. 56.9% participants tried to postpone their treatments, in wake of getting infected. 73.1% of participants wanted to wait for few more months till the pandemic subsides. 89.5% of participants desired to have proper social distancing, sanitization and patient personal protection gear in the patient waiting lobby. Conclusion: Dental health care providers have primary goal to serve patients during their times of need. However, the current pandemic makes dentistry a potent channel of community transmission of disease. Hence, current reality requires incorporation of proper guidelines in extending dental services, to the best interest of the patients and dentists as well. Clinical significance: Dental care providers are recognized as high risk health care worker and face the twin challenge of protecting themselves and the patients from community transmission and at the same time ensuring patients continue to have access to urgent/emergency dental care. Key words: Post-Covid-19, Corona virus, Pandemic, Dental treatments, Aerosols, Population, Online survey

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