Volume 8 Issue 6 (June, 2020)

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Evaluation of efficacy and pain in intra oral versus extra oral inferior alveolar nerve block technique for third molar extraction- An Original Research
Dr.Abhaya Vadlamudi, Dr. Monika Marripudi, Dr. Sri Pujith Dev, Dr. Anne Vivek, Dr. Hasitha Gongura, Dr. Bandaru Sai Krishna

Aim: The purpose of the study was to assess the efficacy as well as pain perception status in different techniques (both intra- and extra-oral) of inferior alveolar nerve block. Methodology: 50 patients were divided in 3 groups where 20 patients were included in open mouth technique (intra-oral), 20 in closed mouth technique (intra-oral) and 10 in Kurt Thoma extra-oral technique of inferior nerve block technique for Lower third molar extractions. Pain Perception (VAS), Speed of anaesthesia, Patient anxiety and Clinician expertise were measured. Results: Intra-oral technique is less technique sensitive as compared to extra-oral technique (Kurt Thoma). Conventional intra-oral open mouth technique is the least technique sensitive as well as more comfortable with patients as well having minimal pain perception. Group III had more pain percepetion on VAS scale. Speed of anesthesia was moderate in group I & II and slow in Group III. Patietn anxiety was high on Group III as compared to other groups. Clinical expertise was high for Group III, moderate for Group II and mornal for Group I. Conclusion: Intra-oral open mouth technique is still the most popular choice amongst clinicians and the pain sensitivity is also negligible amongst the patients with intra-oral technique. Extra-oral and closed mouth technique requires more skilled expertise. Keywords Inferior Nerve Block, Local Anaesthesia, Pain, Visual Analogue Scale.

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