Volume 8 Issue 5 (May, 2020)

Case Reports

A Technique never obsolete - Tooth supported Overdenture- A series of case reports
Bhuvanesh Kumar Dharani Vidhya, Vikash.K. Shetty, Sajida Begum Sekaran, Vignesh Veerakumar

Tooth supported Overdenture is primarily a preventive prosthodontic concept. The preventive prosthodontic concept is primarily concerned with the preservation of the remaining oral structures while meticulously replacing the lost structures. The key to success of this treatment mainly depends on the strategic selection of the remaining teeth. It aids in preserving the bone anatomy and provides proprioception because of the presence of the few remaining natural teeth. This treatment procedure can effectively increase the masticatory potential and psychological wellbeing of the patient. There are several other advantages of tooth supported overdentures over the conventional dentures like improved retention, stability and decreased resorption of the alveolar ridge. Also the major disadvantages of implant supported overdenture like high cost and increased time consumption are overcome with the help of Tooth supported Overdentures. There are innumerable options available for fabricating these tooth supported overdentures. In this article we will see a series of 5 different cases fabricated using cast copings and ball attachments. Key-words: Cast post, Metal copings, Ball attachments, Bone resorption, proprioception

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