Volume 8 Issue 3 (March, 2020)

Review Articles

Interdisciplinary integrated treatment challenges in dentistry: A periodontic-restorative interface
Yasmine Tarek Ahmed

Comprehensive dental therapy can attain success only when there is a good team work. A well balanced coordination between the different specialties of dentistry can deliver optimum treatment to the patient. In the changing scenario of comprehensive dental treatment concept, one has to get absorbed quickly to know and implement the newer aspects of treatment and materials available to optimize the final treatment outcome. Periodontic-restorative interaction and interface occurs at many junctures with consultation and exchange of ideas required from the day of diagnosis to the final delivery and further to the supportive treatment phase. Currently multiple options are available to handle the patient in almost all given cases. This aim of this review is to collect the data regarding the periodontic-restorative interaction which helps the interdisciplinary practice of periodontics with restorative dentistry and vice versa. Key words: Periodontic-restorative interaction, gingival zenith, gingival recession.

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