Volume 8 Issue 2 (February, 2020)

Case Reports

Rehabilitation of Patient with Hemimaxillectomy Defect Using a Closed Hollow Bulb Obturator- A Case Report
Puneet Sharma, Gitanjali Mago

The maxillary defects are usually created by palatal clefts or surgical removal of tumours or trauma as malignancies are common in the oral region and are treated usually through surgical intervention. Surgical intervention creates anatomical defects creating communication between oral and nasal cavity and patients are confronted with problems in speech, deglutition, mastication and appearance. To overcome these problems obturators are fabricated with light weight to enhance retention. This article is a description of a clinical case that was treated successfully by using a closed hollow bulb obturator. Keywords: Hollow bulb obturator, maxillary resection, palatal defect

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