Volume 8 Issue 1 (January, 2020)

Case Reports

Peripheral Giant Cell Grauloma - A Case Report
Ohri T, Singh B, Nanda T, Singh N

Peripheral giant cell Granuloma is a condition arising from connective tissue of the gingiva, periodontal membrane, periosteum of alveolar ridge, or in response to local irritation. It occurs on the gingiva or alveolar ridge and is more commonly seen in the mandible. It is a benign reactive lesion of the gingiva which appears as a firm, nodular mass, red to bluish red in colour. The etiology of peripheral giant cell Granuloma is still precisely unknown. Local irritation due to dental plaque or calculus, periodontal disease, poor dental restorations, ill-fitting dental appliances, or dental extractions have been suggested to contribute to the development of the lesion. This article reports the management of peripheral giant cell Granuloma in a 30 years old female patient. Key words: Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma, Periodontal Membrane, Periodontal Disease, Nodular Mass

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