Volume 7 Issue 12 (December, 2019)

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Effects of Amoxicillin–Metronidazole Combination versus Ciprofloxacin as an Adjunct to Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy of Chronic Generalized Periodontitis
Rohi Rashid

Background: Aggressive periodontitis, by definition, causes rapid destruction of the periodontal attachment apparatus and the supporting alveolar bone. It can present in a localized or generalized form. Two common features of both forms are rapid attachment loss and bone destruction in an otherwise clinically healthy patient and a familial aggregation. Aim of the study: To study effects of Amoxicillin–Metronidazole Combination Versus Ciprofloxacin as an Adjunct to Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy of Chronic Generalized Periodontitis. Materials and methods: The present study was conducted in the Department of Periodontics of the Dental Institutions. The clinical records of chronic generalized periodontitis patients were seen from April 2018 to August 2019 in the Department of Periodontics were reviewed. The clinical parameters were scored at six sites per tooth (mesiobuccal, midbuccal, distobuccal, mesiolingual, midlingual, and distolingual) at baseline at the time of scaling and root planning and 12 weeks after SRP: Probing depth (PD), clinical attachment level (CAL), plaque index (PI), and bleeding on probing (BOP). Results: A total of 60 patients were included in this study. 30 patients were in test group and 30 were in control group. We observed that probing depth in test group was 3.12 mm and in control group was 3.58, clinical attachment level was 3.67 in test group and 3.92 in control group, plaque index was 1.23 in test group and 0.81 in control group and bleeding on probing value was 69.21 in test group and was 58.58 in control group. Conclusion: Within the limitations of the present study, it can be concluded that both the treatments are fairly efficacious in treating periodontitis. Keywords: Periodontitis, antibiotic treatment, amoxicillin.

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