Volume 7 Issue 12 (December, 2019)

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Comparison between Neocone and Zinc Oxide Eugenol for Treatment of Dry Socket
Nishant Kumar Tewari, Kunal Kundan, Nirva Takhellambam, Sushmita Tiwari, Harsh Kumar, Madhuresh Kumar

Back ground: Dry socket is one of the most common complication faced following permanent tooth extraction, more commonly seen in mandibular third molar. Zinc oxide eugenol and AlveogylTM are used in treatment of dry socket while some prefer Neocone. Aim: To study the effectiveness of Neocone and Zinc oxide eugenol for treatment of dry socket. Method: Patients diagnosed with dry socket were randomly allocated to two groups namely Group A - ZOE, Group B - Neocone. Pain score was evaluated and recorded at the time of diagnosis, thirty and sixty minutes after placement of medication and on second, fifth, seventh and tenth day. The medication was changed every day until there was no pain. Result: in present study 5th day, 7th and 10th day Vas score for control group when compared with study group result showed that pain score was significantly better in Neocone group than in ZOE group. Conclusion: Neocone can be used for treatment of dry socket, however further studies are warranted. Keywords: Dry socket, ZOE, Neocone, pain, irrigation

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