Volume 7 Issue 12 (December, 2019)

Case Reports

Dilemma of decisions in selecting teeth to be retained or removed for an Immediate overdenture
Tanuj Minocha, Nupur Rathi, Nadeem Yunus

One of the toughest decision that a periodontist has to make in a multidisciplinary dental team is the declaration of whether to retain or extract the natural tooth. A mobile tooth in the vicinity of having between a restorable and a non restorable mobility grades has to be made at first contact with the patient which removes the chances given to a mobile tooth to recover. Prosthetic treatment options like immediate dentures and immediate overdentures very less recommend periodontal evaluation since decision to retain teeth lies on mechanical rather than biological principles in such cases. We present a case of a 48 year old female patient whose decision to retain natural teeth was done after periodontal consultation. Such consultation improved selection of abutment for immediate overdenture. Keywords: periodontology, prosthodontist, multidisciplinary, complete denture, tooth mobility.

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