Volume 7 Issue 12 (December, 2019)

Case Reports

Microbrush Stamp Technique for Direct Composite Resin Restoration-A Clinical Case Report
Fathima Shamra, Krishna Prasad, Bindhu Ghorpade, Nivedita Sajeev

Dentistry is in a phase in which the search for excellence became constant & the aesthetic standard is increasingly demanding even in the posterior segment of the mouth. The aim of the present study is to present a clinical case in which the Micro brush stamp technique was performed and to describe the restorative treatment in a patient with hidden caries. This technique makes the procedure faster by accurately copying the occlusal anatomy, allowing a little or no post restoration occlusal adjustments. It is an effective direct composite resin restoration in posterior teeth with hidden caries & extensive dentin involvement. The Micro brush stamp technique is an easy to follow procedure to recreate occlusal topography and allows for preservation of all anatomical details, but it is restricted to teeth with intact occlusal anatomy. The outcome of the final result surprised with restoration in terms of esthetic quality, despite the simplicity of the technique. Key words: Impression Compound, Composite restoration, Dental aesthetics, Occlusal anatomy.

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