Volume 7 Issue 12 (December, 2019)

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Assessment of role of Orthodontics in TMJ disorders
Navid Wani, Uzma Nazir, Umer Bashir

Background: TMJ disorders (TMD) refer to a group of disorders with symptoms that include pain, clicking, grating in the jaw joint and/or problems with chewing or opening the jaw. The present study was conducted to assess role or orthodontics in TMJ disorders. Materials & Methods: The present study was conducted on 86 patients with complaint of TMJ disorders of both genders. TMJ disorders such as myositis, capsulitis, fibromyalgia, disc displacement, MPDS etc. were considered. All patients were given stabilization splints to be worn 8 hours a day for 6 months. Patients were recalled regularly and improvement was noted on VAS scale. Results: Out of 86 patients, males were 36 and females were 50. Common TMDs in males and females was myositis in 6 each, capsulitis in 9 males and 10 females, fibromyalgia in 5 males and 8 females, disc displacement in 8 males and 12 females and MPDS in 10 males and 14 females. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). The mean pre- treatment VAS score was 7.3 and post VAS score was 2.1. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). Conclusion: Authors found that stabilizing splints are useful in management of patients with TMDs. Key words: Malocclusion, stabilizing splints, Orthodontics

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