Volume 7 Issue 11 (November, 2019)

Case Reports

Management of Flabby Ridges in Complete Denture- A Case Report
Ajay Pandey, Lily Tiwari

A fibrous or flabby ridge is a superficial area of mobile soft tissue affecting the maxillary or mandibular alveolar ridges. It can develop when hyperplastic soft tissue replaces the alveolar bone and is a common finding particularly in the upper anterior region of long term denture wearers. Masticatory forces can displace this mobile denture-bearing tissue, leading to altered denture positioning and loss of peripheral seal. Forces exerted during the act of impression making can result in distortion of the mobile tissue. Unless managed appropriately by special impression techniques, such ‘flabby ridges’ adversely affect the support, retention and stability of complete dentures. This paper presents three case reports for prosthodontic rehabilitation of patient with flabby ridges with three different impression techniques. Key words: Flabby tissue, impressions, irreversible hydrocolloid

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