Volume 7 Issue 11 (November, 2019)

Case Reports

Centric relation recording in completely edentulous patient with a severe skeletal class 2 ridge relation
Shuja Ur Rahman, Khurshid A Mattoo, Shailesh Jain

A skeletal class 2 maxillary to mandibular residual alveolar ridge relation in a completely edentulous patient seeking complete denture prosthesis is a clinically difficult situation since the interocclusal recording material is placed far away from the indexing notches. Modifying the respective occlusal rims by changing their inclination from the denture bases can be done only posteriorly since modification in the anterior region affects the profile contour of the occlusal rim which is esthetically an important landmark for teeth arrangement. We describe one such complete denture case with a severe skeletal class 2 residual alveolar ridge relation where centric relation record was obtained by modifying the mandibular occlusal rim using a modified stock partially edentulous impression tray. Teeth arrangement disclosed a severe overjet of more than 10 millimeters during the denture trial procedure. Key words: Ridge relation, malocclusion, jaw relations, complete denture

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