Volume 7 Issue 10 (October, 2019)

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Evaluation of Oral Manifestations in Diabetic Patients- A Case Control Study
Vaibhav Rai, Shashank Tripathi, Ipseeta Menon, Hemant Kumar Halwai, Vanita Gautam, Upasana Tyagi

Background: Prevalence of diabetes is steadily increasing world wide. The present study was conducted to assess oral manifestations in patients with diabetes mellitus. Materials & Methods: This study was conducted on 100 type II diabetes mellitus patients of both genders and 100 healthy non-diabetic patients. A through oral examination was performed in all patients by using WHO dentition status 2013 performa. SPSS version 18 was used for statistical analysis. Results: In Group 1 67% patients were male and 33% patients were female whereas in Group 2 54% were males and 46% were females. Periodontitis was found in 89% diabetic patients and 48% non-diabetic patients. SPSS version 18 was used for statistical analysis. Conclusion: Common oral manifestation in patients with diabetes mellitus was dental caries, burning mouth, tooth loss. periodontitis, halitosis, geographic tongue and altered taste. Key words: Diabetes, Altered taste, Periodontitis

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