Volume 7 Issue 5 (May, 2019)

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A Comparative Evaluation of Management of Incisional Hernia
Ajay Kumar

Background: Hernias have been extensively studied over the years owing to their relative frequency worldwide. The present study was conducted to assess the cases of incisional hernia in given population. Materials & Methods: The present study was conducted on 56 cases reported to the department. All patients underwent either anatomical repair alone or mesh repair based on the size of defect and thus divided into 2 groups. Group I was treated with inlay and group II were treated with sublay technique. Results: Out of 56 patients, males were 30 and females were 26. Both groups had 28 patients each. Common complications was seroma seen in 2 in group I and 1 in group II, wound dehiscence 1 in group I and recurrence 2 in group I and 1 in group II. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). Conclusion: Authors found that incisional hernia is common nowadays. Common complications in both techniques were seroma, wound dehiscence and recurrence.
Key words: Incisional hernia, recurrence, seroma .

Received: 12 March, 2019                               Revised: 2 April, 2019                   Accepted: 4 April, 2019

Corresponding author: Dr. Ajay Kumar, Associate professor, Department of General Surgery, Rajshree Medical Research Institute & Hospital, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India

This article may be cited as: Kumar A. A Comparative Evaluation of Management of Incisional Hernia.  J Adv Med Dent Scie Res 2019;7(5): 1-3.

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