Volume 6 Issue 6 (June, 2018)

Review Articles

Amniotic Membrane-A Membrane with Magical Healing Powers A Brief Review
Sukhmeet kaur, Preetika Bansal, Pardeep Bansal, Harvinder Singh

Amnion allograft has been used in the field of medicine from several years. The amnion membrane lines the amniotic sac which is necessary for the protection and development of an embryo and is composed of three major layers: A single epithelial layer, a thick basement membrane and an avascular mesenchyme. Amnion membrane (AM) contains various growth factors, stem cells which help in regeneration of lost tissues and accelerated wound healing. Recently, this multipurpose tissue gained importance in the field of dentistry due to presence of various inherent factors which helps in tissue regeneration. In this review article various properties & uses of the amnion membrane in various dental fields are discussed.
Key Words: Amnion membrane, tissue regeneration, wound healing, growth factors, stem cells. 

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